Solving Climate Change

Gateway to climate solutions

True Carbon is the gateway to carbon sequestration opportunities. We connect companies to real ways they can address their carbon offsets and tangibly help save the planet.

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The current climate change story is wrong

The current story of solving climate change focuses on reducing emissions, but this is not enough to curb the worst consequences of climate change because the level of greenhouse gases is already to high. To truly solve the problem of climate change, market investments must be made that encourage negative emissions. True Carbon is innovating this arena.

Climate change is solvable

True Carbon is emerging as a market innovator by envisioning market conditions that make solving climate change profitable. Climate change is solvable, we just need to support real solutions that make it happen.

Our mission

Areas of investigation and investment

True Carbon connects areas of economic opportunities surrounding carbon capture technologies that are scalable and push worldwide emissions beyond zero to negative – this is what’s needed to protect the planet from catastrophic climate change impacts.

Soil Sequestration

Soil sequestration through regenerative agriculture practices with scientifically measured soil data - certificates reflect accurate carbon capture rather than estimates.

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Coming Soon

Aquatic Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (A-BECCS) - an emerging way to address excess carbon by using natural processes such as algal blooms and coral farms that naturally absorb carbon from the air. The conversion not only sequesters carbon, but also creates a renewable energy source.

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Coming Soon

Forest conservation as a way to preserve existing carbon sequestration. Forests already function as one of the world's best carbon sinks. It is important that companies invest in preserving the lungs of the planet.

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“True Carbon connects areas of economic opportunities surrounding carbon capture technologies”
Sebastian Graf
Founder of True Carbon

Our Mission

At True Carbon, we believe that good incentive structures can transform global markets.

Our mission

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